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Krumlovská Klendra

  • Date: 2018-01-20
  • CADG category: C
  • PDGA Tier: C
  • Tournament capacity: 90 players
  • Categories and fees:
    •  FPO - Pro Open Women: 120,- CZK
    •  MJ18 - Junior <= 18: 120,- CZK
    •  MP40 - Pro Master 40+: 120,- CZK
    •  MP50 - Pro Master 50+: 120,- CZK
    •  MPO - Pro Open: 120,- CZK
  • Format:
    • 2x18 holes
  • Tournament director:
    • Jakub Kudrna, contact: Kubajz.kudrna2@gmail.com, tel. 606182145
    • Daniel Konečný
DGC Moravský Krumlov welcomes you on almost-traditional PDGA C / ČADG C called Krumlovská klendra 2018 (Cold in Krumlov 2018).

The winter is long and here you get the chance to show off how well have you been training in the offseason.

If you want to pay the entry fee on bank account instead of waiting in line and finding exact amount of cash, we will be very happy as it will ease the administration for us too. Just use your name as message for the recipient.
The entry fee is 120Kč / 5€ / 20PLN (Złoty)
Bank account number: 107-3234070267/0100
IBAN: CZ7601000001073234070267

We are full! If you wanted to register and didn't make it in time, dont worry, there is usually quite a few players that will un-register till the tournament starts and you will be moved from waiting list to the tournament.

We will play 2x18 holes on perfectly prepared course (what weather allows) with ~920 rated par. Map is below, teesigns will show up soon.
There is something special this year - 100% payout as stated in PDGA rules. Who doesnt want to accept cash will receive price of the same value.

Course map: Map

For our Polish and other non-Czech speaking friends: How will the payouts look like? For every category (lets show on MPO): every player will pay entry fee (120 Kč). All the money will be added together and shared to the given percentage of the best players. Every player will then choose to take cash or voucher to e-shop ULTIMO.cz of the same value so he doesn't have to become a PDGA Pro. The percentage of awarded players will be refined later, when we know how many players will attend the tournament. It will be most likely 25% for MPO and 33% for other categories, as shown in the table below, which has the player data from last year of the same tournament. Good luck!

Registration: 8:30 hole #3.
Meeting: 9:00.
Round 1: 9:30
Round 2: 12:00. (subject of change)

Course map: CZMKRUMLOV

Preliminary results category Pro Open
1Kúdela MichalSlovakianMPO 685775758115-750.00
2Filandr LukášCzechMPO 371505759116-646.00
3Rádl MichaelCzechMPO 800095761118-443.00
4Kudrna JakubCzechMPO 778795960119-340.00
=Semerád JakubCzechMPO 919255960119-340.00
6Háněl PetrCzechMPO 808086357120-236.00
=Vojtík MatějCzechMJ18 648675862120-236.00
8Havlíček LiborCzechMPO 811796161122032.00
=Bílek BohdanCzechMJ18 801345963122032.00
10Kočí LukášCzechMPO 841466063123128.00
11Šmahel PetrCzechMPO 807746460124226.00
=Kielczyk MariuszPolishMPO 869956361124226.00
13Konečný DanielCzechMPO 777596165126422.00
14Polzer JaroslavCzechMPO 909736265127520.00
15Polka DavidCzechMPO  6464128619.00
=Havlíček TomášCzechMPO 899946563128619.00
17Hřava TomášCzechMPO  6465129717.00
=Trenz FrantišekCzechMPO 751766465129717.00
=Sularz ŁukaszPolishMPO 821036366129717.00
20Tomeczek FilipPolishMJ18 803496466130814.00
=Bláha JaroslavCzechMPO 921046664130814.00
22Ševčík RomanCzechMPO 1101006665131912.00
23Starzewski WojciechU.F.O.MPO  63691321011.00
24Jarczyk FilipPolishMPO 9419970631331110.00
25Buráň JakubCzechMPO 789906273135139.00
=Tesař DavidCzechMPO  6966135139.00
=Nadberežný JanCzechMPO 754607362135139.00
28Čarnogurský OndřejCzechMJ18  7462136146.00
29Paulů DavidCzechMPO 1055986770137155.00
30Dworkin MateuszPolishMPO  7266138164.00
=Badach ŁukaszPolishMPO 825137167138164.00
32Tanka PetrCzechMPO 778756970139172.00
33Houška PetrCzechMPO  7070140181.00
34Schüller RobertCzechMPO 103861736914220N/A
=Kolář JanCzechMPO 101936707214220N/A
36Walczak PiotrPolishMPO 78666677714422N/A
37Hadaš OndřejCzechMPO 103789717414523N/A
38Houška PatrikCzechMPO  806814826N/A
=Macků JiříCzechMPO 99773767214826N/A
40Kylián IvoCzechMPO  727714927N/A
=Hipík MarekCzechMP40  737614927N/A
42Sehnal ZdeněkCzechMPO  767415028N/A
43Tomášek MichalCzechMPO  747815230N/A
44Halarewicz MarcinU.F.O.MPO  797415331N/A
45Dostál TomášCzechMPO 101286767815432N/A
46Galek PavelCzechMPO  777815533N/A
47Arnold AndreasGermanMPO 110946788216038N/A
=Kulich AdamCzechMPO  778316038N/A
=Jiříček KarelCzechMPO  808016038N/A
50Pajurek JanCzechMPO 111333808316341N/A
51Florkiewicz KubaU.F.O.MPO  848016442N/A
DNFHrůza KarelU.F.O.MPO  93999DNFN/AN/A
DNSHorák JiříCzechMPO    DNSN/AN/A
Preliminary results category Pro Master 50+
1Čierny JozefSlovakianMP50  70681381650.00
2Miezga RomanSlovakianMP50 6456969701391746.00
3Čižmař RadekCzechMP55 8878767731401843.00
4Kolář KarelCzechMP60 9636072711432140.00
5Vojtík IvoCzechMP55 6486677721492738.00
6Vejvalka JosefCzechMP70  74781523036.00
7Viktorin LiborCzechMP55  80741543234.00
8Svitalský JarmilCzechMP50 9209680761563432.00
9Janda VlastimilCzechMP55 9181780891694730.00
Preliminary results category Pro Master 40+
1Konečný RudolfCzechMP40 907756659125350.00
2Šrom MarekCzechMP40 1007726562127546.00
3Jiřík MichalCzechMP40 1041026563128643.00
4Dobrev StefanSlovakianMP40 2636572611331140.00
5Tělupil MilanCzechMP40  67711381638.00
=Zahrádka PetrCzechMP40 7124172661381638.00
7Mozola MartinSlovakianMP40 8920965771422034.00
8Adam MiroslavCzechMP40  72761482632.00
9Olšina MartinCzechMP40  72791512930.00
10Kot DawidPolishMP40 9950278761543228.00
11Kawecki TomaszU.F.O.MP40  82781603826.00
12Kosarski PiotrU.F.O.MP40 9840989851745224.00
Preliminary results category Junior <= 18
1Štípek MartinCzechMJ15 9976064711351350.00
2Mrázek PetrU.F.O.MJ15  81781593746.00
3Mozola TomášU.F.O.MJ12  83771603843.00
4Opršal MartinCzechMJ15 10367785791644240.00
5Walczak SzymonU.F.O.MJ10 86825100941947238.00
Preliminary results category Pro Open Women
1Švecová SoňaSlovakianFPO 7083775711462450.00
=Bártková EliškaCzechFJ18 8622475711462450.00
3Fabíková VeronikaCzechFPO 10101077741512943.00
4Bílková ĽubomíraSlovakianFPO 7787672831553340.00
5Mostovská TerezkaCzechFPO 7860589821714938.00
=Kot JoannaPolishFPO 9950890811714938.00
7Mrázková JiřinaCzechFPO  84881725034.00
8Křížová PetraCzechFPO 10361391841755332.00
9Blažková LucieCzechFPO 10158290911815930.00
10Michlová DominikaCzechFPO  98931916928.00

Statistika Krumlovská Klendra

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