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Moravian Open

  • Date: 2013-10-19 - 2013-10-20
  • CADG category: B
  • PDGA Tier: C, detail
  • Tournament capacity: 72 players
  • Categories and fees:
    •  Open (MPO): 340,- CZK
    •  Women (FPO): 340,- CZK
    •  Junior (MJ1): 240,- CZK
    •  Master (MPM): 340,- CZK
    including CADG association fee, members have discount 50,- CZK
  • Format:
    • 3x18 holes
    • Finals 9 holes
  • Tournament director:
    • Přemysl Novák, contact: 731613593
    • Kryštof Novák, contact: 731613592
Moravian Open 2013

Moravian Open 2013 is Discgolf tournament Tier C PDGA presented by www.prodg.cz and DiscGolfPark Czech Republic. The tournament is organized under the umbrella of the Czech Association of DiscGolf . The organization is also covered by members of discgof club Moravian Gators Novy Jičín and by members of the Youth organization Fokus Nový Jičín.

Moravian open 2013 welcomes all the players, who love first rate and sharp game. The Course is called The Swine. The Swine is not the easy course and it will not let you wonder why we named it the Swine. 18 holes, the beauty of the fly and the beauty of the surrounding nature. The most magnificent views on the entrance gate to the Beskyd mountains, Magic energy and great atmosphere. That’s what the Swine course is all about.

1. The tournament

Moravian Open 2013 is Discolf tournament Tier C PDGA. Everyone can be part of this tournament, the only think you need to do is to sign up and cover the registration fee 360 Czech crowns (approx. 14€). There is the players package included.

TD1: Přemysl Novák, info@discgolfpark.cz
TD2: Kryštof Novák krystof@prodg.cz

Date of the tournament: 18. -20. 10. 2013

Tournament center: Lyžařská chata Svinec – Kojetín 56, 741 01 Nový Jičín

The Course: Swine
Link to the course: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=216979997008258785777.0004d14901d588383cc83&msa=0&ll=49.567922,17.992988&spn=0.008141,0.01929

2. The Tournament model

The tournaments will be played in two days, 3x18 holes plus 9 hole final. The final is open for the best five players out of the Open category and three best players out of the Junior, Women and Master category.

The capacity of the tournament is 72 players

Final holes: First nine holes of the course

3. The schedule of the Tournament: 18. – 20. 9. 2013

Friday 18. 10. 2013
at 14:00 –The course will be ready for the practice rounds Since 16:00 – registration at the tournament center At 19:00 - players meeting at the tournament center – Opening ceremony

Saturday 19. 10. 2013
8:30 – Players meeting 9:00 - First round(18 holes) 12:00 – Lunch Time 13:30 – players meeting 14:00 second round (18 holes) Approx.: at 20:00 – night putting contest 21:00 – tournament surprise

Sunday 20. 10. 2013
8:30 – players meeting: 9:00 - third round (18 holes) 12:00 – Lunch time 13:30 – players meeting: 14:00 – Final 16:00 – Closing ceremony

4. Accommodation

There is two options for the accommodation

First is: Lyzarska Chata svinec– right at the tournament center. The Max. capacity of the hotel is 40 players. This accommodation is only available for two nights and cost – 11€/person/night €/person/night /person/night – total 22€/person/night. There is also option for food – For 7€ brekfast and diner, for 11€ breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you decide for this option plese write down with the registration: Svinec-B,D for breakfast and diner, Svinec-B,L,D for breakfast, lunch and diner.

. Second is: At the center of the youth organization FOKUS - less comfy, at the gym in the sleeping bag on the floor– this center has the shower and kitchen so you can use it. The cost is 4€ per night. And 6minutes by car form the tournament center. If you decide for this option write down with registration: FOKUS 1Night or FOKUS 2nights.

Course map: CZNJSVINEC

Preliminary results category OPEN
1Novák KryštofCZMPO 5542657626418329212-8100.00
2Jedlička LukášCZMPO  63596218432216-496.77
3Filandr LukášCZMPO 3715066636119027217-393.55
4Novotný JakubCZMPO 5671459666318830218-290.32
5Dobrev StefanSKMPM 26365656066191322233Not active
6Blahout JiříCZMPO 46097606568193  483.87
7Novák PřemyslCZMPO 49791676669202  1380.65
8Kollár RichardSKMPO 61991666772205  16Not active
9Dušek SamuelCZMPO 59782666973208  1974.19
10Pavlas JáraCZMJ1 51389677171209  2070.97
11Kotala PavelCZMPO 59645697371213  2467.74
12Fojtík MarekCZMPO  697473216  27Not active
13Pelant JanCZMPO 63642697476219  3061.29
14Buráň JakubCZMPO 78990687677221  3258.06
=Polka DavidCZMPO  717179221  3258.06
16Luong DominikCZMPO  786977224  35Not active
17Schwarz JanCZMPO  758079234  45Not active
18Vašek LiborCZMPO  777981237  48Not active
19Kocián TomášCZMPO 70449807881239  50Not active
20Sobek JirkaCZMPO 70254808379242  53Not active
21Hotárek OndřejCZMPO 67927798183243  54Not active
22Flachbart PeterSKMPO 67692768286244  5532.26
=Kotrc OndrášCZMPO  757693244  55Not active
24Urbánek TomášCZMPO  798387249  60Not active
=Horníček KarelCZMPO  768588249  60Not active
26Bujnošek PetrCZMPO 61660768986251  62Not active
27Šiffel ErikCZMPO  798984252  63Not active
28Adamec ZdeněkCZMPO  858287254  65Not active
29Knápek LukášCZMPO  789087255  66Not active
30Hykel TomášCZMPO  878586258  69Not active
31Radina MartinCZMPO  889293273  84Not active
Preliminary results category WOMEN
1Boďová KatkaSKFPO 6199072717521837255255Not active
2Hergelová BeátaSKFPO 7091574858624541286286Not active
3Havířová JarmilaCZFPO 627627986822474128828884.62
4Javorková PetraCZFPO 62792818483248  24876.92
5Filandrová DanielaCZFPO 46099839093266  26669.23
=Blahoutová RadkaCZFPO  919184266  266Not active
7Fojtíková KristýnaCZFPO  8885105278  278Not active
8Lerchová HanaCZFPO 7899191101103295  29546.15
9Pavlasová PetraCZFPM  9310799299  299Not active
10Bílková JůlieCZFJ1  95109100304  304Not active
11Hotárková LucieCZFPO 71677102103104309  309Not active
12Křížová PetraCZFPO  107106103316  316Not active
DNFMičková KristýnaCZFPO  9799 DNF  N/ANot active
Preliminary results category JUNIORS 1
1Trenz FrantišekCZMJ2 75176646163188372255Not active
2Knápek JakubCZMJ2 682377878842403427454Not active
3Bílek BohdanCZMJ2 801348887*872624230484Not active
4Slížek AlbertCZMJ3 46100979091278  890.00
5Fridrich DenisCZMJ2  969193280  91Not active
6Hotárek TomášCZMJ4  10194103298  109Not active
Preliminary results category MASTERS
1Slížek MartinCZMPM 3601967686620137238180.00
2Čierny JozefSKMPM  7371672113324424Not active
3Olšina MartinCZMPM  68697721436250300.00
4Fridrich PavelCZMPG  898387259  70Not active
5Javora MichalCZMPG  829188261  720.00
6Bílek JiříCZMPG  106106102314  125Not active
DNFGoodStriker leonCAMPM 599658086 DNF  N/ANot active
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